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Types of Poles:

There are many different types of poles available, but we recommend the ergonomically-superior brand made by as both types of poles below have:


  • Ergonomically designed handles that are thicker and more comfortable than other designs, without straps which can cause thumb injuries in some cases

  • Solid shafts which reduce vibration through the arms

  • More solid tips

  • Easily adjustable length mechanism



  • Are planted vertically

  • Use flat tips

  • Have a push-button mechanism to adjust pole length

  • Are used for lower level clients who need more help with balance and stability



  • Are planted on an angle backwards

  • Use angled tips

  • Have a twist mechanism to adjust pole length

  • Are used for higher level clients who have good balance and want to maximize their workout


  • You can interchange above methods by changing the tips

  • Take off rubber stoppers for better grip in grass and all terrain

  • Winter baskets are available for snow

How to Adjust Your Poles?


  • With the arms by your sides, elbows bent to 90 degrees, and good upright posture, the handles should sit in your hands comfortably



  • Set to 2 inches less than your height

  • Poles will seem long, but when you plant them on a angle backwards, they will allow you to propel your body forward with your arms

Where to Get Your Poles?

Uxbridge Physiotherapy carries the Urban Poling brand.  Pharma Save in Uxbridge does so as well, and provide exclusive discounts to members of the Uxbridge Pole Walking Club. 


Other brands of poles are available in Uxbridge at Canadian Tire and TSC.


If you would like to try before you buy, you can choose to rent a pair of poles from the Ux Pool located at 1 Parkside Drive in Uxbridge.


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