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This Spring, come join us for a hands-on 1 Hour Pole Walking and Exercise Class with a Certified Instructor. One of our Instructors will help you with learning the correct pole walking technique, essential to maximizing its many benefits.  People of any age and fitness level are welcome. 

$150 ==> Up to 18 classes (Best Value)

Or $100 ==> for 6 classes



The Classes will take place at Elgin Park in Uxbridge. 

Please see the calendar for the class dates and times


The Classes will include: 


  • 1 hour class

  • Warm up and cool down stretching

  • Strengthening exercises 

  • Learning how to adjust your poles to the correct height

  • Teaching correct body posture, arm swing, pole push-and-release technique


What to wear/bring:


  • Appropriate clothing and hat based on the weather

  • Comfortable walking shoes / boots

  • Water

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This applies to newcomers only

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