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Our Students Success Stories

"Uxbridge Pole-Walking should be called 'More than pole-walking!'  My daughter signed me up because she knew it would be good for me.  I was stiff and lethargic.  She was more than right! I love the stretching and strengthening exercises, and my fellow walkers as well as walking around beautiful Elgin Park breathing fresh air.  It has got me into walking more than ever now with a spring in my step.  I have way more energy.  How happy is that!  Thanks to the Uxbridge Pole-walking team.  See you in the Fall!"

Janice Dnes

"After 6 months of physiotherapy for back and leg pain, I took 6 weekly pole walking classes. After two classes I started using the poles most days of the week.  I had been unable to enjoy my daily walks for many months - could walk a very short distance. Now after 7 weeks of using the poles nearly every day, once or twice a day, there has been much improvement in my level of pain -- I can hardly believe it.  I am pole walking every day, sometimes twice a day, for 30 minutes to an hour each time.  I am now able to enjoy my walks and I recommend the pole walking for anyone who has issues with their back.


Walking of any kind is likely the most important activity each of us can do for our own physical and mental health and I look forward to seeing more and more Uxbridge residents out on their poles enjoying their walk.



Jane Strother


PS  I had a lot of difficulty with stairs, walking very slowly up and down one step at a time and now I have no problem at all, little or no pain."

"I began pole walking with the Uxbridge Pole Walking Club last spring in 2014, after having been in a serious car crash and undergoing several surgeries including a broken ankle.  The classes helped me to rebuild enough confidence to exercise and regain lost muscle tone. I felt my strength increase with every class and I found myself eager to take on new challenges.  The fact that the classes are taught by highly qualified health professionals greatly assisted me in my rehabilitation. I am looking forward to rejoining the group in the fall where I hope to again see the friends I have met through pole walking and to continue to work at my fitness level."


Sheila Haley


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